Animal World USA International 

An extension of Animal World USA, a charitable 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in February 2003.  Empowering people in their own communities on behalf of the animals is what Animal World International envisions as the success to the future of animal welfare.   

Animal World International coordinates the work of Animal World USA and AW USA Weeks for the Animals to bring about a strengthening of communities, democracies and relationship-building worldwide. 

Animal World USA International's ability to connect citizens and animal welfare organizations with businesses and key leaders worldwide is our vision and mission through the Weeks for the Animals campaign. 

Animal World USA International is currently working with key decision makers around the world to better address the important issues affecting animals including lack of resources and loss of habitat that most impact  their area. 

Working and connecting with advocates, governments, community leaders, humane organizations, NGO's, veterinarians and elected officials in countries around the world is the primary function of Animal World International.  

Turning the spotlight on citizens from all walks of life, including decision makers, educators, artists, musicians and writers to help bring awareness and the current plight of the animals to the social consciousness of the world is imperative to the Animal World USA International mission.  

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